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Rubina, a talented Canadian-Iranian singer-songwriter, enthralls her audience with enchanting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Her deep connection to her Persian heritage ignites her musical passion, a flame she first discovered in her youth. After embarking on a transformative journey that led her from Iran to Canada and eventually to the bustling city of New York, Rubina immersed herself in the musical world while studying at Fordham University.


Marde Tanha

Singing an old Persian Classic by Farhad


Love on the Brain

One of My Favourite Songs by Rihanna


Wish Bravely

Offical Music Video of Wish Bravely




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You Got Me Like...

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Floating Like a Birdy

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Secrets Out Now

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wish bravely - rubina

Step into the world of limitless possibilities and let your dreams soar as you embark on an unforgettable journey with Rubina. Join us for an enchanting night of music and magic, where melodies dance in harmony with your heart.

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